Thursday, August 7, 2014


Hey' this is cannon for the (cannon's fire) for the week of  8-07-2014. Well after a 2 week delay I am back been kind of feeling under the weather been fighting a cold for 4 to 5 days I think its trying to  move out of my system but slowly hate it when I kind of get a bit down like this but hey it happens to all of us from time to time!

Looks like if my tread goes as it is this might be a every 2 week thing for me and the blog if I can start squeezing it in ever week like I have been for years I well but? For now it looks like ever 2 weeks folks sorry just work and other responsibilities have me tied up now!

Yea our Daughter Kara well be in for a visit its her birthday next Monday the little fart well be so happy to see her missed my Kara Bell lots! She well be in this coming Friday..

Well school fixing start back up soon all the kids well be back to learning wohoo and college is right around corner for them to start up as well its been really busy at work setting up and getting things on a roll programs like Stuff The Bus here in Arkansas is a huge thing not to mention but I well it was also tax free weekend this past weekend ugh!

Work oh yeah picked up big time as I said with school soon and them holidays coming up really fast and the district fairs our work going be swamped big time!

OK Wrestling has been pretty good lately got several big shows coming up an one is in Wynne Arkansas in about 3 1/2 weeks. Look forward to that on yep its on a Friday night and 9 times out 10 I am working them nights and its hard for me to make them kind of house shows but not this time this homeboy got some vacation wohoo and.  I am taking that day off so I can make this show its a OCW Wrestling house show so this one ought to be fun one for me and the rest of the crew!!

Well folks as I said I am little under the weather am going to cut this one short and say all yaw have a fun safe week and weekend be good and safe and weather you think ole canon likes you or not I do love all yaw friend or foe!

Site of the week is? check this one out plz cause a mutual pal mine Adam Dunn has some old footage of me and others in DCW Wrestling a decade ago back in 2004 some rare and great stuff current owner was Dewayne Huckba and ran in 3 states ARK' TN' MS and at the time he even had WWE looking at him even dough he never got a deal with them they flew him in to California and view his stuff! But got to my page Loose Cannon and search that name and its on my front main page and you well enjoy it trust me brings back allot memories to me and others.

OK closing thoughts isn't it funny I get to se a blast from the past! Isn't it funny its storming in mid-summer! Isn't it funny I rarely get sick but I am now!